Sunday, 22 April 2012

About this blog

My name is Chris and as you may have guessed I do like my food. This blog is intended for all of you, whatever level of skill you have in the kitchen. I always used to view recipe's as gospel, it had to be followed exactly to the letter otherwise my attempt at dinner would become a disaster. However experience had taught me to play around with a recipe, adjust it to my own personal taste or the tastes of those around me.

The point being, use these pages as a guide to making your food exciting and personal to you. There will be recipe's on these pages which will take time, or no time at all, be spicy, sweet or even both. My taste and interests range over numerous cuisines and being in the U.K with immigration from all over the world we're very lucky to have access to all these great flavours from around the globe.

So sit back, relax, have a read and see if anything tickles your fancy, feedback and your own recipes is both encouraged and appreciated.

This site is no longer updated however please join me at my new and successful blog:

Happy cooking!


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